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Here’s Nancy: Parental alienation is a problem that most often arises when parents engage in bitter and extended child custody litigation.

Although intense feelings of anger and mistrust are common when parents are beginning to transition from the tidal wave of emotions surrounding divorce into a co-parenting relationship, most parents experience less anger and anxiety over time as they make efforts to co-parent in a way that is healthier and more productive for the children..) In severe cases, parent alienation results in the child’s complete rejection of the target parent.

I don’t believe compatibility can be effectively measured and scored.

What matters more is how you handle your differences through effective communication, not necessarily the fact that you have them.

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We were also able to put her mind at rest that three other credit cards and one other loan did NOT have PPI.People in my life would maybe say that I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. Remember how I recently made a family binder and Post-it Note grids? I’ve always wanted to make a school binder for each of my kids but I’ve never gotten my act together. It only took 30 something years, but I am feeling the need to organize. Part of my organizing kick included this back to school binder.Below I shared a generic version so you can add your child’s name to it.

I wanted a grade printable for my almost 2nd, 6th and 8th grader.

When Esther shared her experience with parental alienation and how her ex used religion against her, I commented that I could see how she would be puzzled by her children’s behavior, wondering if it was real, wondering what exactly she had done to warrant the rejection, wondering what her ex and others had said to have such an impact.