Etrust signature not updating

26-Jan-2018 15:12

To make sure that the Firebox can connect to the update server, you must add at least one DNS server to your network configuration.The Firebox uses DNS to resolve the update server URL to an IP address.Essentially, the script changes server settings from Once downloaded, please extract the zip archive and run the script file itm_update_8_1_675The script must be executed on all systems that are running e Trust ITM 8.1 including e ITM Servers, e ITM Clients, and e ITM Re-Distribution Servers using a local system administrator account since it makes changes to the Windows Registry as well as starting and stopping some e ITM 8.1 Services.

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In this case, there is no need to execute the script on such a system.

For security reasons, some customer environments require direct control over the distribution and installation of periodic signature updates for signature services such as Gateway Anti Virus, Intrusion Prevention, and Data Loss Prevention.