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In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and some other appearances, her hair is shorter and reaches the middle of her back—in Advent Children because longer hair is difficult to animate.

It’s possible I’m a supertaster — I can’t stand anything extremely bitter or tasting too strongly of fish, alcohol, or artificial sweetener, and cilantro is the devil’s herb — but I am just not very experimental when it comes to food.

I’ve written some other places, but I’ve mostly been busy with my book — which, incidentally, comes out September 13th! (I liked this a lot more than my brothers did — there were a lot of musicals and a lot of Audrey Hepburn movies.) The only comfort, the one constant, the one thing I could rely on, were my Saltines.

As a peace offering and a placeholder, here is a link to PRE-ORDER MY BOOK! Our father would go to Smart and Final, a warehouse of a store, and come home with dozens of bottles of Gatorade, twenty ounce cans of chicken soup, and giant boxes of Saltines.

So let me explain my deep, abiding love for America’s favorite soda cracker. A Saltine is a tiny square made of yeast, baking soda, flour, and usually topped with salt. We could read, but the only TV we were going to watch was old movies she picked out herself.

It’s a bold statement, I know, and one that makes even less sense to those who grew up outside of North America and never knew the wonders of that miracle cracker. Living near LA meant we could have authentic Mexican food anytime we wanted, but that was as interesting as we got. There was always a box of Saltines in the house, to complement whatever soup or chili we were having for dinner that night, and for one other reason: they are an excellent cure for nausea. I had three brothers at three different schools, and that tripled my likeliness of catching a stomach virus. 23 and Me confirmed my lifelong suspicion that I am very susceptible to noroviruses. My mother was not the type to fuss over her kids when they were ill.Rose Quartz was able to resurrect Lion through her healing powers, giving Lion pink skin and magical abilities.